"Benny, I'm roasting like a toasted cheezer, it's so hot out here!"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's 83° inside our house right now. How hot is it outside? 93°. Not much of a break if you ask me, the girl who has warm air blowing on her while nursing. A baby seriously adds 20 degrees to your body temperature and that can make things pretty uncomfortable real quick. We could be sitting more comfortably, but let's have the Mr. Temperature Nazi own up to that one himself. Since living in a town where AC is a necessity but also the driving force behind staggering electric bills, Jared has been very thrifty with switching on the "cool" button.  The first night we were here he took this responsibility of manning the gauge very seriously. I guess that's his earned right to roast the family alive, as I remember my dad doing the same. Oh well, Ev and I can endure :)

Today we had a family outing back to DC. Ev and I accompanied Jared to some potential internships and afterward we peanutbutter-and-jellied-it-up at the Lincoln Memorial. It's been a rather pretty day. We're crossing our fingers that our stuff arrives tomorrow!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Growing up (and still to this day), us kiddos know not to touch the thermostat. We don't dare touch it. My dad even has a sign on the laundry room door that goes out to the garage that reads "TURN OFF THE AC" if we are leaving.

  2. Just sneak the temperature down when he's not looking. That's what I do. :)

  3. You made it! Let us know if you need help moving in. Yep it's crazy hot, but supposed to be nice this weekend :)