La Casa Blanca

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wowzers, I think it's time I kiss the days of doing my hair goodbye. Humidity has me seriously contemplating chopping my hair off. Could I swing a short do? I think my face is too round for that.  We have definitely been exploring this new city of ours. And we love it. There is so much to do! Saturday we ventured downtown to give Ev her first little peak at the White House.


  1. You'll want your hair when it gets cold, trust me. Time to practice some cool updos!

    I really love your long hair, but if you want to cut it I think that it would look beautiful too. You're a gorgeous gal.

  2. Normally I tell people to chop it all off!! 'cause I like short hair. BUT, I love your long hair; and you'll get used to the humidity. Keep it!

  3. Kendra,

    You're adorable (as always). And so is your baby. Also, her facial expression is so much like Jared's here. So funny. Sweet girl. :)

    Enjoy DC!