Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been 1 day shy of a week now that all of our belongings were loaded up on to a moving truck and hauled away. The apartment where we spent our first 2 1/2 years of marriage is now barren. It was harder on both of us than we anticipated. We both had our fair share of tears leaving the city and people we have come to love so so dearly.

Now we're soaking up family time in Clovis while our stuff is being transported. Ev is receiving more adoration than Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Anytime, anywhere she has someone ready to smile, coo, tickle or hug her. This is good. We've kept ourselves busy by lounging poolside, riding trains, wakeboarding and visiting our favorite Fresno foodspots [i.e. Arsenio's, Pearl Tea House, Red Robin, Rocky Mountain and mom's homemade cookin]. We had our second date night ever without Ev. We saw "Captain America" and walked around Edwards like we would when we were 15. On the drive back I even lifted up the armrest so I could cuddle up to my JO like back in the dating days. Remember those times when you so secretly wished for a handhold all the way home? Life was good.

So while we've left our beachside home, we haven't fully made our plunge in to the unknown and reality has yet to hit. To make sure we never forget our time in Santa Monica, I had my fabulous friend Amy take our family pictures on the most iconic landmark - the Pier. I fell in love with the pictures and all that they captured. Thanks Amy for giving my family this little piece to always take with us!


  1. Santa Monica is a hard place to leave, luckily you're going to a very different great spot.

  2. hi- I found your blog through Katie and we just moved to the DC area and even though it has been a bit of a shock, it's a new kind of wonderful. wishing you happy times on your new adventure!

  3. that picture is just beautiful