We're Becoming Refined!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jared and I are learning new words.
After reading this month's Ensign article entitled
we decided that we need to become a more polished couple.
We will become lovers of classical music, proper in our speech,
learned in literature, more appreciative of the arts and all this to
"show the world that we have talent and taste and prove to the heavens that
our minds are sent on beauty and true excellence so that we can be worthy to enjoy
the society of angels."
We decided to expand our vocabulary in our efforts to become more refined.
We either choose words that we are not too familiar with or words that we know the meaning of yet need to make better use of them.
Our two words of the week:
I also learned that I DO NOT want children anytime soon. I thought for a minute moment this weekend { well maybe the whole weekend } that I was ready but then I watched this movie and it was completely life-altering, in a good way.

I'm just enjoying my time with JO right now.


  1. Hey so i love the picture of you guys at the top of your blog how did you make it.. i want to do something like that to possible spice up our blog a little bit more.. let me know
    -whitney hardy

  2. Yeah, I made it on photoshop. You could do it on any editing program and just upload the jpg!