Some People Enjoy Expensive Toys.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We enjoy cheap toys. We find enjoyment out of the most primitive of video games - a joy stick. I think joysticks were before my era of videogames. The first game station we had was super nintendo. So we're taking it back old school here with games most people have never heard of such as pole position, galaxy and mappy - and of course the one game every respectable person should be familiar with - PacMan. I got it as a present for Christmas from my parents during the college days. I decided to bring it out and let the husband take a whirl. The screen looks like this:

When we play it we look like this:

JO beat Jake Mayorga's top score, which must have been over 2 years old. So congrats to JO! When I beat JO at Mappy he looks a little bit like this:

(This pic is posted for the sole purpose of humoring me. It's funny.)

Also, a year ago this weekend JO and I decided to transcend the world of singledom and jump HEART first into this love deal. Last year JO invited me to his family reunion in Oceanside and it was there on the pier that he told me he loved me for the first time SINCE we were 16. We started planning our future out that night. A little anxious? I'd say so.

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  1. You two are the cutest things ever! Congrats to 1 year of "I love you." That's definately something to celebrate :)