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Monday, June 15, 2009

driving in the California Sun, singing "Hey Jude," sunroof open, holding hands with a handsome man with a chisled jaw and stubbly cheeks, on our way to... FREsNo??? We are convinced this will be our last trip home for a while as the wedding was our last call of duty to the calm world of suburbia. Jay and Luke were married on Saturday and it was a delightful wedding. We feel like the old married couple now, which is a pleasant feeling actually. I've enjoyed every minute of marriage and JO and I wish them both the same happiness.
Seeing that we were married only 6 months ago, we both can not
get over how fast time has gone by. It's unfair really. In discussing our time together, we have both vowed to never become "un-fun." That would make us TRUE ADULTS. And that is something that neither of us will be fully ready for. Sure we are a responsible and rational couple, but that doesn't mean that we need to give up on our frolicing nonsense and absurd laughter and cheer. As a wise ELF once said
"The best way to spread Christmas (or ANY kind) cheer
is singing loud for all to hear."
There is nothing that this little Oakden family loves more than to sing. This is the most advantageous way to have cheap and simple fun. Although JO is quite a better singer than I, we both can carry a tune and harmonize when necessary. JO is going to try out to sing the National Anthem at Mormon Night at the Dodger Stadium. How grand is that? Was he being for real when he said that to me? Maybe 30% real, but what a thought! And I'm waiting for my "shower thought" of he and I being folk singers to become a reality.
We haven't published our "Greatest Finds" in a while. And that is not because there has been a lack in finds, but rather TOO many.
First, my dress for my sister's wedding. Each bridesmaid had to buy their own black dress and I was having a super difficult time finding one that was garment worthy. So I posted two on a previous blog, but they were too expensive for our budget, so I resorted to one of my favorite shops - the Thrift Store. I bought my black Banana Republic dress for $9.00. Incredible.
Second "Great Find" is the word AWESOME. A great find not because we've just discovered the word, but rather we've discovered how many other words can be used in place of AWESOME. We decided last week that we were going to eliminate that word from our vocabulary in order to make ourselves more distinguished. So all week we've been using words such as "splendid, exquisite, stupendous, phenomenal, and superb" to name a few.
My BFF Emiley Morgan, who is a writer for the Deseret News (check out her latest story), can attest to this word change. She texted me this week letting me know her brother was in the MTC and I replied "That's stupendous!" and she was weirded out until I chatted with her about me and JO's vocabulary goals.
I wonder what this week's word is going to be...
I'll let JO decide this go-around.
I'm also thinking JO should write the next post too...

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  1. I am ecstatic that you two are cutting "awesome" out of your vocabulary. It hurts even typing that word! My family is from New York and my mom, sister, and I just DIE when anyone says that word. It's definitely a California description. Every time someone gets up to talk about EFY or Girl's Camp we all look at each other and just mouth "awesome". Sure enough, about twenty seconds later they are tearing up at how awwwweessome it was. Good times! I'm so proud of you two.