Shower thoughts...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Every night I take a shower. I love climbing into the sheets feeling in pristine condition. Every night JO asks “Are you going to take a shower?” and I reply “yes.” One of my favorite things about taking a shower since being married is
This event occurs after I take my shower, I come out to find a half-awake man lying on my bed and I continue on in a discourse about all my random thoughts in the shower. I think about all kinds of things, and mostly its thoughts that might be captured in the mind of a 5 year-old – like the fact that we should watch "Sand lot", or how much I enjoy going to the dentist because of the free toothbrush and floss, that I want ice cream with sprinkles RIGHT NOW, that JO and I should become folk singers with him on the guitar and me on the harmonica, that I should pray with all my might for my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston’s or how we should totally make our own reality show and every one could witness how in love we are. Last night I told him that we should play picture scavenger hunt all by ourselves in LA – you know, make a list of the most ridiculous things and then drive around, scavengering for these unsightly items and capture them with our camera. That shower thought did not get the response that I was hoping for from my husband… I encourage everyone to share their “shower thoughts.” It’s such a release and for a minute I can forget that I am now living in a world where demands are high, human affection is low, life can be mundane, honesty is scarce and kindness is left to the noblest of people.


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  2. wow, I didn't know anyone else had the random thoughts like I did!

  3. Kendra,
    I'm not a huge blogger. I put my pictures up when I have time, (which is once every couple of weeks) and get off. I stumbled upon yours and thought to my self “Self, let’s read Kendra's"(I had a good feeling about this)... Boy am I glad I did. I think I'm your newest fan. Your posts are refreshing and interesting to read. So continue on in this blog fest so I have something to look forward to! You sure can read a mean blog Ken:)