There comes a time when...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a woman must become a housewife – when your most prized possession is your front lawn, Costco is your favorite store, nine-inch zippers are found on all pairs of pants, the discovery of a Martha Stewart recipe is your greatest joy so to impress everyone with your domesticity at the next ward function, when looking good for the husband only matters in the company of others and when you dream of freshly painted walls and new furniture. Although I have not ceded myself to a majority of these ghastly housewife stereo-types, I will admit that I do dream of olive green walls, burnt orange curtains and fluffy pillows. SO I bought this yesterday to ease my aching desire to become more domesticated.
The results are going to be Spectacular!


  1. ooh. I want one! Did you get a good deal? If you did, please share!

  2. great color combo! dont forget about the fashion district in downtown l.a. for your fabrics! great deals!

  3. fyi.. your blog kills me.
    and yes, i have a blog. but its kind of sucky right now so just don't think much of it. but be my blog-friend or whatever its called

  4. Kenny! I haven't looked at your blog for awhile and I came across this post just today and it makes me laugh because just last week I inherited my Mother's old sewing machine and I love it. I just finished my first project yesterday-an apron :)