Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I press my nose into the nape of his neck and ferociously start to nestle my way closer into the crevice between his chest and chin. It is damp from hours of slobber that have now pooled into the folds of his skin, but I don't mind. As I start to tickle, his whole body curls. His knees roll up to his chubby gut, his elbows contract in to his waist, his head crouches forward to his chest, and for a moment he is breathless and looks like a rolypoly*. Then the giggles burst out. I go in for another and another tickle. His eyes are sealed shut, but his gummy smile is spread from one cheek to the other, and I can see that the two teeth which have made quite the dramatic entrance over the past week have finally come through. His belly is dancing and I have to stop myself to let him catch his breath. Hovering over this life who is laying on my bed that measures 29 inches in length, I can't help but think "goodness kid, you were meant for me!"

The other day we had a friend over and right upon holding Warner he smelled his head and sighed "you still smell like baby." Please keep that smell, son. Although you just turned 8 months old, and are creeping closer to 1 year rapidly, I relive the day you were born over and over and over again in my head. It was the most peaceful experience I have ever had. It is my happy place, believe it or not. I remember looking out the hospital window. It was 6am and I had been having contractions for over 36 hours. Finally you decided you were ready, so there I was, laying on the bed looking out the window at  the sunrise coming over the deep green forest. The doctor came in, along with one nurse, and they quietly waited while my body delivered you. The whole process was so swift and reverent. You have definitely embodied that calmness and I am deeply grateful for it every passing day. You are my "I love you."

*So "pillowtalk" was one of my favorite movies growing up, and it may or may not have been because of handsome Rock Hudson. I used to think I wanted to name one of my boys "Rock" after him, but I don't think Jared would approve. Plus, Rock just sounds weird by itself. You need the full Rock Hudson. Oh, and James Garner was another heart throb, whew! Anyway, I've always loved this song "rolypoly." Wouldn't it be awesome if there were restaurants like this still?


  1. You have such a talent with words. I relive the moments my babies were born too. Best moments of my life.

  2. I agree, you have a way of expressing the ways of emotions. I love you Kendra! I love seeing your family grow. You are a doll as is your sweet little boy. William is going to be one in a couple of weeks. Can you believe it? He was supposed to born with your little guy. Man it's crazy. Take great care,

    Shauna xo

  3. Ah man, the baby smell, my newest son is three months and I simply can't get enough of it! I think it's such an animalistic urge, Steve even says that when he smells Finlay it makes him want to link him like a big bear with his cubs! I'm not going to lie, he often does lick him!Following. Rx

  4. This is such an amazing post to be able to look back on one day :) They grow up so fast right? I remember when my niece was born (I was 12 years old!) and now she's 16! 16! It's impossible to believe how much time has gone by and I'm sure it's even harder for my sister to comprehend.