Monday, March 25, 2013

In response to the SNOW, yes, INCHES of SNOW outside my window this morning, I am trying to remember that we had a sunny and semi-warm Saturday just two days ago. The other morning when I went about doing my usual round of swooping the kids out of their cribs and greeting the day with two babes on my hips, I looked at them and thought "these two are beautiful." I wanted to capture them at their waking moments and right before they went to sleep at night. But that would have made a really short and weird video, so I thought to just video our whole Saturday - some footage of what it is to be just us with nothing fancy going on. And in videoing everything I caught Warner's first roll from his front to back all by himself! Hooray! What I didn't capture was Evelyn falling down on our walk home from the park and scraping the whole right side of her face :( Poor girl has had it rough lately with teething, a cold, and now a banged up face. So heres's our humdrum Saturday.


  1. Swoon!! What a happy and loving video. It's videos like this that make me want to start a family. I hope you enjoy those memories for years to come. <3