adventures of an eastering weekend

Monday, April 1, 2013

What a bang-a-langin-hippity-hoppin' weekend! I am 100% Eastered out. I never thought the day would come when I would look at a bag of cadbury mini-eggs and want to hurl, but I am entirely candied out. The inside of my mouth has been raw since friday, but that's probably more due to the fact that I've been suffering from a sinus and minor ear infection the past 5 days. What a drag that has been. But luckily we weren't stopped from enjoying the festivities on Friday with an egg hunt amongst friends. Jared had the day off and was the only dad present amongst the sea of moms, which was kinda funny to see and to realize how I have this different social life outside of him.

Saturday was gorgeous. We so desperately wanted to give Evelyn her first kite flying experience, and I guess for her it sufficed because she was done after 1 try of holding the string, but the wind was not on our side that day. Oh well, good thing we didn't buy the kite but rather rescued it from the bushes it was ensnared in, brought it home to patch it up and released it back into the wild, only to then realize that it was a sucky kite and validated it's originial owners abandonment.

Sunday morning we opened up Easter baskets. Evelyn was chanting "candy, candy" all day. The girl is hooked on the sweet stuff. The day was rather exhausting. To be honest, this was probably the worst weekend ever. Despite the cheer of the photos, spirits were low and bodies were tired and sick. I've felt so exhausted that I haven't even had the energy to rejoice in the reason for Easter, the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Life has seemed to be drowning me lately. I hope I can swim out of it on top.

And Warner in suspenders?!?! Sheesh, talk about heart throb!!


  1. those suspenders are awesome! and I love Eve's cheesy grin on Easter morning!

    hope you are able to rest some this week...sounds like that's all you need right now.

  2. I giggled when you had mentioned that Jared was the only husband there and he was able to see the social life you have outside of him. Whenever Austin sees me talking to someone from church, he always says "how do you know so many people?" It's called being social. I think he thinks I stay at home all day cooped up with the kiddos. Boy is he wrong :)

  3. It looks like fun times Kendra. Your family is always so precious, I love your house and so glad the weather was beautiful for you. I have had three sinus infections since Christmas and before this I had never had any. They are miserable. But, you look beautiful still, :) Love to you,

    Shauna xo

  4. Great photos, and those suspenders, too cute for words! Hopefully some rest and recuperation will have you feeling better.

  5. those little suspenders on Warner! I die over the cuteness. Handsome!