one for the record books

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This past weekend was glorious. One for the record books! Friday night we were finally gutsy enough to leave Warner with a sitter. To be out on the town without a diaper bag, carseat, stroller, and two babes just injected us with youthfulness. I could hear the bells of freedom ringing for us as we walked into the restaurant! To eat a meal in utter peace, all while the food was warm, was just bliss.

Saturday spring decided to show itself after a shameful snow storm earlier in the week. Parading sunshine and mild temperatures all around, we were seduced into being outside all day where I sustained my first mild mild sunburn of 2013. The weather could not have been more conducive to my plans of just wanting to be actively lazy outside by parking my toosh on playground benches all day long. We even hit up two parks in one day. Such party animals, we are.

Sunday was just icing on the cake. After church we walked over to an open field and let Ev just run crazy wild. On her own accord, she took off her shoes, rolled barefoot down the hill and flung herself on her back to embrace the warm rays! All on her own! I think she is taking after me and my love affair with the sun. Even though it was daylight savings, Ev didn't take a nap that day so we put both kids to bed at 6pm! 6 pm people! You would think that Jared and I would have found a great way to spend our mega-long evening together, but we settled on starting Downton Abbey, since that seems to be the rage these days. And it's official - we're addicted to that manor life! We had to start something now that the Bachelor has ended... which, btw, was fab last night. Did not see Catherine making it out on top but I do love it.

I am more than enthused at the prospect of spring making a full come around. Winter is just the pits!


  1. Bliss! I too got a night out this past weekend,got to love keen grandparents!


  2. Glad you're having good weather. It's going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow. Crazy. So happy you got out without the diaper bag! So glorious!! Love,

    Shauna xoxo

  3. This is the first Bachelor series I haven't watched in years! Sean kinda bored me and I got totally sucked into Downton Abbey on Netflix so..yeah. Anyway, I live in a place where winter is our best season (South Texas) so I'm enjoying 75 degree days. We're dreading summer and the crazy mosquitoes and 100 degree + days with humidity that leaves you dripping.

    So happy to have stumbled upon your blog :)

  4. Send some of that lovely weather my way! Just watched the finale of The Bachelor - and I need a new tv show! I might have to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon with you.

    Hope you a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  5. oh man I totally got sucked into the downton abbey train too! I watched all three seasons in an embarrassingly short amount of time, but not sure if I will watch the 4th season. I hope you like it because it was sure good!

  6. agreed, spring sounds wonderful right now! and downton abbey is a great way to spend the evening :) glad you were able to relax a bit!


  7. Your words are so amazing and descriptive. It's crazy what a warm meal can taste like.
    I love your photo. It screams joy and reminds me of many times when I was younger throwing myself on the grass and soaking up the rays!

  8. This weekend was gorgeous! I am ready for Spring, too!