expose yourself

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baha, that post title sounds so provocative! I bet you all were really excited for a good story, but alas, I have none. Unless Evelyn lifting up her shirt to show every possible stranger her belly button counts, which is embarrassing because she pulls it up all the way to her neck and seems as if I'm teaching her to flash. Nope, we're just still excited about our belly button 5 months after discovering it. and even more excited that brother has one, too.

I took off the month of October from offering sponsorships, but we're back in business! So please consider "exposing" your blog or business. I've made some changes to how I'm running ads. I'm trying out passionfruit for the first time to see how I like it. You can find out the info HERE! I look forward to getting to know some of you better and hopefully help you grow your shop/blog!

P.S. we made it through the storm without the loss of power and are safe and warm. I could not believe it. That makes my last post sound over-dramatic, but I know that millions of others were not as fortunate as we were. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. We aren't quite to bedtime yet, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the love, and for becoming my newest follower.

    I LOVE your blog! So beautiful, and you have a gorgeous family! I know where I'll be spending some time this evening ... :)

    Also, I laughed out loud at Evelyn "flashing" everyone her belly button, because Maile does the exact. same. thing. Silly littles!

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