bunkering down

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sooo we're bracing for a storm of epic proportions here on the East Coast. Sandy is supposed to rip through DC this morning with chaos and power outages uninvitedly tagging along. You may recall that the last time a monstrous storm hit, I was pregnant with Warner and alone with Evelyn while Jared was in Argentina, so I'm already counting on Sandy being more bearable for me seeing that I'll have a husband this time around. And if we do lose power for a couple days, atleast we've got our friendly punkin as our lantern. Yeah, our creative juices weren't flowing Friday night when we were carving. Typical one tooth pumpkin. Eh, Ev thought it was fancy shmancy just the same. 

Here's to bunkering down for terrifying winds, meals cooked on a propane stove, fire in fireplace for actual heat this time and not just for fun, hundreds of dollars of refrigerated and frozen groceries perishing, and most of all some crazy wicked family time by candle light. Bring it on, Sandy!


  1. keep safe...definitely thinking about you guys!

  2. Oh no! Hopefully it won't be too bad but what a great way to look at it :) I still remember when we bunkered down for a hurricane and a week of no power. I believe some great memories were had during those times :)

  3. Kendra, wishing you safety. Love your "punkin" and I hope the storm doesn't cause too much damage or hardship. Thinking of you,

    Shauna xoxoxoxo

  4. Stay safe---we are hunkered down here in NJ---hoping for the best!!!


  5. I'll be thinking about you and sending good thoughts and prayers your way! Being from southeast Louisiana, I know how bad these things can get! xo, Maria

  6. Love your positive outlook on this :-)
    also I think your pumpkin is adorable!! What a good idea to, if we lose electricity we might just have to carve some of ours, I keep forgetting to :-)
    let us know if you need a place to crash! I scrubbed my entire place just in case people were with out electricity (we may lose ours as well) but if not your more than welcome to come over

  7. Stay safe! (love that photo!)

  8. I hope you all were able to stay safe (and sane) while waiting out the storm! I'm so glad you have your husband home with you this time, I would not have handled that situation well at all by myself! Props to you for even carving your pumpkin ha we just leave ours the way it is :) Hope all is well on the other side of things!