a how-to by Evelyn

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's post, Evelyn LOVES cookies. I'm proud to say she gets that from her mama. We make cookies quite frequently around here. And in case you are in search of the best chocolate chip cookie recipe like I was just over a year ago, look no further. We use this bomb-diggity one. It is 100% da bestest.

see here for more of Evelyn how-to's.


  1. so fun! It seems to me like making chocolate chip cookies is always 10x more fun when you're doing it with a cute little helper!

  2. OH! Evelyn you are one clever lil girl! and I love you a lil more now that I know that we both have a serious crush on chocolate chip cookies...
    sounds a lil freaky I know... but it's the absolute true! I adore it!
    Tks. Ken, I might even try this recipe tonight! (yeah, see? I'm a freak)

  3. arwww, how cute. i still always lick the beater...

  4. Adorable! Also how do you manage to look that amazing after just having a baby!!! :-)

    A great non dairy, no nut chocolate chip cookie mix Arthur and Friends chocolate chip cookies by Cherrybrook. They have the mix at Wegmans. Next time you guys come over (or when we finally come over) I'll make and bring some :-)
    and ps we are not sick anymore! We had two back to back colds

  5. absolutely adorable...I can't wait until Elyse & I can bake cookies together!

    and you look fabulous!

  6. haha so funny! and those chocolate chip cookies looked amazing. I have to try!

  7. So cute!!!! She is going to be quite the baker when she grows up. Girl after my own heart, I love licking the mixer lol.