Recipe for Divinity, a.k.a Sherbert Cake

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Umm.. yesterday it was 44* and snowflurry-ish. Last week it was in the 70's. In an attempt to beckon back the sunshine, let me remind spring that two weeks ago I was partaking of this scrumptious sherbert dessert. It's my train of thought that if everyone makes this bright festive sweetness, spring will come come back with a vengeance.  Behold, the Sherbert Cake recipe.

Ingredients for cake:
2 tubs sherbert
1 box macaroons
some melted butter
springform pan

Ingredients for glaze:
2 tbsp hot water or milk
1/4 tsp lemon juice
1 cup powdered sugar

*** The increments listed are for a full cake round. When I made this for Easter, I halved the recipe since I knew it would just be Jared and I eating it and formed the cake in a ziploc container so I could easily flip it over and squeeze it out. It worked just as well, but for bigger crowds, do the whole springform pan***

1. Take sherbert out of freezer and let soften about 5 min
2. Meanwhile, crush macaroons until coarsely chopped.
3. Add melted butter to macaroons until they "hold" together. Maybe 4 tbsp? I dont know. Just until it holds.
4. Place 1/3 macaroons on the bottom of pan. Layer with sherbert > macaroons > sherbert > macaroons
5. Let it settle in freezer for atleast 2 hours +
6. Make glaze by stiring water and lemon juice into the sugar a few drops at a time.
7. Cut cake and drizzle glaze over each slice and enjoy heaven!


  1. HOLY GOODNESS! My little lady is turning one very soon and I think I will have to make this.

    Crushed are speaking my language, mama!

    xo, amanda @

  2. It was FREEZING yesterday right!!! I had to build a tent inside for Judah because he was going nuts from not being able to go outside to play.

    That cake!!! Oh my goodness no wonder its called Divinity because it looks Divine!!! Im going to make this when its warmer out :-)

  3. This looks and sounds SO GOOD! How funny the drastic weather change. I hope Spring kicks in again for you =)

    - Sarah

  4. Oh I love the picture of Sleeping Beauty! :) I love her simple room.

    I love the sherbert cake. The looks of it along are so shabby chic. Can't wait to make it, I will do it for you especially to beckon Spring to come on' back. :) Hope you are feeling well,


    When will you find out what you're having! I'm excited to see!!!

  5. sorry- meant to say the "looks of it alone"... :)

  6. Ohhhhh for DELICIOUS!!!! Can't wait to try this! :)
    Hope you are WONDERFUL sweet lady!

  7. Oh wow that looks good. Rainbow Sherbet was my favorite growing up. Too bad they don't sell it in Cape Town!