Jumpin on the instagram wagon. {username updated}

Monday, April 16, 2012

I guess I forgot one of the important features of instagram when I posted this morning, my user name.
Here it is in all of it's glory: koakden.
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Also, baby names are proving to be harder for round two. On Saturday Jared vetoed 90% of my boy & girl names. This is different from when we decided on Evelyn. Basically I said "hey, the girl's name should be Evelyn" and he went with it. Why is that not working this time around? ;)


  1. what's your instagram-name? i would like to follow you!
    and by that way, love your little baby bump!

  2. Ooo! I want to follow you too!

    I'm @laurenlayman!

  3. She's such a cutie! Instagram is soo addicting! I'd love to follow you. You can find me @shoeboxed

  4. I love instagram--it is too easy and addictive :)

  5. I love instagram too! My username is ashdiane1224

  6. follow a sister up, i’m an addict. lovethatpuff

  7. I'm loving that it finally came to android!!!! I've been toying and playing with it all weekend!. I hope your able to come up with a name you both love, I have a feeling that will be a hard one for the hubbs and I as well when the time comes.

  8. Welcome to Instagram! Can't wait to check out your pictures! I can imagine how hard it is to come up with baby names. Do you know if it is a boy or girl? Will you find out?
    Char xo

  9. 1. I love Instagram!! I am gonna have to find you.
    And 2. HOLY!! YOU'RE PREGNANT!! SQUEEE!! So exciting. I am going to need to go back and re-read every single one of your blog posts up until this moment. And now that the wedding is done I legit can do that!! Weeeeeeee!!!

  10. hi...
    love see it your baby...
    so cute...

    kalau sudi dan tak keberatan sudilah kiranya mencuba resepi Soto ayam

    Thanks so much

  11. Oh Kendra, I can very much relate, who knows what our babies name will be. My husband likes nothing. When I named Summer, emphasis on "I", I had to finally say, "listen I've prayed about this." Which I really had, but still should it have to come to that!!! hahaha. Naughty husbands.

    Your pictures are precious, great and just pull me in always. I need to do the instagram, I've been meaning to. Take care,


    I love your belly. I need to do mine too!

  12. Super cute shots! Very springy, and you have such a cute baby bump!! Going to find you on instagram now (miscalaina)...

  13. I'll follow you when I am finished with my instagram/twitter fast :-)
    I am taking a break till end of April and maybe the first weeks of May til we get back from vacation :-)

    Your baby bump is ADORABLE, okay I think I may have read this but I know so many pregnant people, when are you due? Do you know what your having? You should let me make you a hat :-) I make all my pregnant blogger/IG mama friends hats for their newborns
    mycharmingcolors.etsy.com ;-) (You would have to look in the sold section)

  14. I'm not even close to having a baby, and just the thought of picking a name gives me the cold sweats! Tough job.. and I love instagram! I'm addicted to it.

  15. oh my gosh, k, i just found your blog through my sisters friend and hello! i'm gasping at your pregnant belly! congrats on baby #2!