to conk out or not to conk out? that is the question

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She's had an exhausting day, but would you be able to tell? No, you wouldn't.  Let's see, first she slept in until 8:30, played until 11, went to work with Mom from 11:30-3 where she put on a show for the clientele with her smiles and coos. She's just getting around to her first nap right now. That 15 minute eyeshut on the ride home doesn't count. Despite my persuasive gestures earlier on with my rocking and nursing to bring on a hopeful sleepyhead, she was determined to stay awake the whole day. My pre-pregnancy self would have been appalled at how this day went, where she didn't get her naps in right after feeding. "Eat Awake Sleep" they say, but she kept kicking strong. 
I just went in to her room to find this:
Yeah. Looks pretty rejuvenated after 10 minutes. This girl is dynamite. 
Before having Evelyn, I was determined to be the stern mom and put her on a schedule. I'm all about discipline and I was gonna start from the get-go with BabyWise. 
Well, let's just say that my approach has changed. I now understand that every day is different. 
I feed her every 3 hours and whatever happens in between that time happens. If she's awake, cool! If she goes to sleep, awesome. Doesn't matter really. I still get a majority of the things done that I need to regardless if she's asleep or not. And the truth is, I like having her around me. She seems to sleep from 10:30pm -7:30am with only one feeding regardless of how much she slept during the day, so I'm 100% happy with that! Now that I possess wisdom,  my enlightened perspective would be plan your day around the feeding times and make the kid roll with the punches in between. And in return your baby may give you some surprises along the way... like mine did right now with her floodgate orange diaper. Nice one.


A big shout out to our "new" readers! I'm so grateful for your feedback. And congrats to all of you who just had a baby or are expecting - FISTPUMP! It's the bombdiggity!


  1. I would have taken sleeping through the night over daytime naps any day of the week.

  2. I love the one of her sticking her little tongue out :)

  3. SO cute kendra! evelyn is a doll! seriously. too cute. miley and evelyn i think are going through the same thing. miley NEVER naps. most days it drives me crazy because i crave a little nap during the day. not my girl. wide awake. ALL.THE.TIME. except through the night, which im grateful. wanted to tell you how stinkin lucky you are to have bren as a lil sis. that girl is AMAZING! totally handed miley over to her during RS last night. it was SO nice to take miley to nursery, hand her to bren, and walk away. i was gone for almost 3 hrs by the time rs was over and clean up was done. she was GREAT. held her, bounced her, talked to her, walked around with her. she knew just what to do! it amazed me how gentle she is, and she knew just what to do. shes great! i told your mom its so fun to watch her grow up to into a little lady. shes certainly not a little girl anymore! evelyn is so lucky to have her as an aunt. i hope you take full advantage of her as an extra pair of hands when you guys are together. shes a gem! hope you guys are doing well. i hear you will be around for easter. it will be good to see you. cant wait to get my eyes on that little evelyn. she really is stinkin adorable!

  4. Adorable is the only word to describe.

  5. I think you'll be more scheduley as she gets older. Love the pictures!

  6. AHHHHH! she is so stinkin cute! she looks just like you

  7. ahhhh, she's dang cute. i can see why you don't mind her being awake. especially if she's sleeping well at night. lucky you.

  8. Your little baby is so beautiful!