bueno weekendo

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some weekends are bleh. But some are really good. I would categorize this weekend as pretty good. Things that made this weekend wonderful:

: sleeping in until 8am every morning :
: beautiful sunshine :
: driving 40 minutes to Pasadena to look at a potential car buy, only to have the salesman call when we were half way there to say the car had sold, but probably was a good thing in the end :
: not eating too many fatty sinful things :
: eating chips and salsa at Don Antonio's - handmade chips and salsa are always my perogative :
: writing thank you notes :
: Ev starting bed time at 8pm :
: watching Tangled :
: buying a new swim suit, this one to be exact :
: witnessing the scale go down one number at a time :
: getting my monthly $10 off coupon to World Market :
: getting graduate school advice from the 3 smartest men we know :
: being about 98% sure where we're going in 2 months and possibly getting instate tuition in a year 
: realizing my brother has already been on his mission for 6 months :
: finding this outfit on Kendi Everyday :
: listening to Amos Lee on Pandora all day long :
: scheduling our first family photo shoot in 2 weeks and coordinating our outfits :
: wasting Saturday afternoon away at the Los Angeles Arboreteum, with a picnic bag in tow :


  1. sweeeeeet suit! So cute. And you're pictures will be awesome because y'all are so adorable in the first place

  2. I bought that same suit! And then returned it. I looked terrible. I'm sure that you will not have that problem. It may be that there is no swim suit in the world that looks good on me. That may be it.

    I love the arboretum! It's a toned-down version of the Huntington, which is nice in a way.

    Your little fam is just adorable.

  3. looks like a way fun weekend! i was totally looking at that suit too, way cute! you have such an adorable fam.

  4. sleeping in until 8..
    story of my life.
    a couple of years ago,
    i would never in my wildest dreams consider 8 to be SLEEPING IN.
    now.. it is heaven. ha funny how things change
    ps. little E is seriously adorable!
    and congrats on your shrinking body.
    you should put some weight loss tips up on here :)

  5. i must ask, who is taking your pictures?! i must stalk out this lucky photographer!!! i hope they realize how blessed they are to be shooting the sweetest, most adorable, not to mention, hippest little family from miles around!