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Monday, April 4, 2011

I've heard through the grape vine that this blog has more readers than I thought. And that people actually like what they see and keep coming back for second helpings. I'm flattered. In March '09 when I created this blog, the idea of having "followers" creeped me out, so I took that little feature off. Who would've guessed 2 years later that I would regret not letting people subscribe to my life? So guess what? That beauty is back on. Now, I'm not trying to be presumptuous by any means, but I know we're raking in more than 20 readers folks. They say go big or go home, and I'm going big here, putting my precious pride and vulnerability on the line and saying let's take that little cyberspace friendship we have going on to next level, whatda ya say? Shall we? Spread the love and follow.

Meh, still don't see why you should? What, my adorable baby isn't reason enough? 
Fine, I'll toss in a 


How bout that? I've been honing in on my baby designer skills. Dressing a babe is so much fun, but sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for out there on the market. I know there are thousands of other moms who love sequinced jeans, winnie the pooh stitched jackets and pajamas that say "daddy's little girl," but I don't fall in to that category. So I made some things for Ev and I liked how they turned out... so much so that I've contemplated Etsy.

Etsy has always intimidated me. The creativity of people on there is out of this world, and I'm afraid my skills aren't all that original.  I can't muster up the courage to do it. I thought i'd take a chance on le blog first to entice some bait and then cast the line out into Etsy if the response is favorable. Here are some prototypes.

What do you think?
Would you buy this gear for your baby, neice, nephew, sister, mother, friend, grandmother, or dog? 
How much would you pay for it?
{I can stencil on to any shirt size, doesn't have to be a onesie. And I have a gagillion more possible stencils}

So how bout it? To enter:

1) you must become a follower

2) leave a comment answering the questions above regarding price and feedback.


Wow, I've never done a giveaway before. All of the sudden I feel much more powerful.

For any of you who do have an etsy shop, do you have any words of advice? What have you had the most success selling? Or those who peruse etsy like me - what do you find yourself being drawn to?

Thanks in advance for a) following b) feedback 3) making me feel cool. You rock!


  1. I definitely don't want to sound stalkerish but I found your blog through a mutual friend's. And yes, I have become an avid follower. I just had a baby as well. My son was born January 22nd. I think the onesies are adorable! Very simple but has that "urban outfitters" feel. I would price them anywhere from $12-15. I am happy to finally proclaim my love for your blog!

  2. I'm Katie (Lewis)'s sister-in-law. You are cool. That's why I follow.
    About the onsies... I would pay $5 - $8 for them.
    They are cute, but not too cutsie. Just what I would look for.
    - Lisa Robison

  3. Well it just so happens that I am having a baby and would totally dress him in most of those things. Especially the sunglasses because they are the most masculine :)

    As far as price...I am not super craft but I consider myself able. So when I am buying something someone else made it has to be a better deal then I would get making it myself. Call me cheap, I know. But I know there are tons of ladies out there who hate crafting but like homemade things so they are suckers and pay crazy prices. I think you could do well on etsy. Good luck and I hope I win!

  4. Hi. One day, I was at my friend Natalie Morgan's house. She said, "look at this video Emiley's friend posted of her new baby." We all watched it and even got teary-eyed. Such a sweet video. I think you are a great writer and I enjoy reading about life with a new baby. I had a baby boy in Sept. 2010. Now that the blog-stalking admission is out of the way, I think those onesies are adorable!!
    I love the one with the glasses, I'd totally buy it for my baby love. I say under $10 would be reasonable. 3 and 4 are really cute and I would buy them for my girls for sure.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Well...I'm so happy to see I'm not the only one who is an avid stalker. Haha. I was in the same ward as Jordan and Luke and found your blog through Jordan's. You make me laugh and cry all the time! I get so excited to find a new post.
    I basically NEED onesie #1! I would pay like 10$...They are all so cute! We should do a trade! I have all these cute ideas for girls but zero for boys. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and am in love with dressing him cool things (like onesie #1...which i'm so obsessed with now. Good luck on your Etsy shop! I think you should definitely do it!

  6. So cute Kendra! Did realize I wasn't already "following" you even though I was:). I was just looking on ETSY and it looks like something similar ranges from $10-15, but I think yours are way cuter. Makes me want to get me some stencils. I like the sunglasses because its a perfect Florida piece of clothing. That would be fun if you guys came to Virginia when we were still in Florida so maybe we could visit, (Even though it is still pretty far!)

  7. I think they're adorable! I would price onesies at ~$20 to start, but you could probably go higher once they gained popularity!

    Annnnnnd I found your blog through a mutual friend's blog while clicking around one day several months ago. I can't help it that you're so funny and sweet that I had to come back!

  8. those onesies are so cute!
    how do you make the graphic on them?
    paint? vinyl? sharpie? haha.

  9. Kendra -So cute! I would pay $8-$10 for one and maybe like 3 for $24? Also, could you do these in color? I think a deep blue onesie with sunglasses and little jeans would be so cute for my little boy-to-be. I want one. I also think that a guitar, a little bear, or bday present would be very cute. And how funny if you tye-died them with a fun print.... I could keep going. I love it. Keep it up and LMK when I've won! I want this!!! :)

  10. Robbie and I like the glasses. It's clear right away what it is and way cute. I would pay $6 because I am cheap and do not have tons of money for each individual item I dress my baby in. I would also want to know if the paint you were using would hold up in the washing machine. Cute. It makes me wonder what other baby products you would come up with.

  11. loves it! for me, it all depends on the onesie you use....if it's a carters, babies r us mini wear, or target's precious firsts, i'm in. if it's a gerber onesie, i'm out. i know, i'm picky. but i have long and slender babies, not shorter, deliciously chubby ones that gerber onesies fit. $10 seems like a good price, i wouldn't pay more than that {seeing as i have two though, i'm cheaper than most because i automatically double the cost of everything i see! haha...}
    good luck on your new venture! i love to create, i have to! i design something or sew EVERY DAY. and i love it. oh and i love the glasses one! so stinkin' cute! ;)