death sleep

Monday, April 18, 2011

Approximately one hour ago at a laundromat near me:

Latino Man: bebe?
Me: Yep... Baby.
Latino Man: Is your bebe dead?
Me: Uh... nope, she's just sleeping.

I quickly empty everything from the dryer and in to the basket. As I'm leaving:

Latino Man: Take care of your bebe.
Me: Oh, I do!
Latino Man: Feed her and stuff.

.............. huh??? I guess I should be more aware that my child's sleeping looks deathly and malnourishing to some people?


  1. Hillarious! I can't believe that guy. He must not have children :-)

  2. Hahaha
    So it's normal to him see people tote around dead babies?
    That is seriously SO so strange
    glad you g

  3. That is freaky weird. Good move to hightail it out of there!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Man Kendra, that made me laugh SO hard!! I can totally imagine you saying/doing all that lol. A little weird... But very funny! Good job on quickly leaving though, Aunt Paula is right!

  5. life would be so boring with out creepy latino/mexican men to entertain us... i love everything about that story.

  6. Hilarious. She's beautiful, that's why you can just let those awkward encounters slide.

  7. Hahaha. This just gave me a really good laugh. Partially due to the fact that we just read Skippy Jon Jones and I have a very thick Mexican accent rumbling around in my brain right now.