Today’s topic : friendship.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love friends. They make everything a gigabillion times more fun.Good thing I married my most ultimate pal. Being with Jared has made my life exponentially more merry. Not only do I have someone to watch old Roger and Hammerstein’s with, but I always have a person to trim my hair when the ends are split. And I’m confident that he appreciates all the times I meticulously rub his face when he’s got 5 o’clock shadow and remember to buy him Old Spice when he runs out. It’s a win/win all-around! But before MR JO wound himself up in my eternity, I had many a friend. My greatest of all, Ms Emiley Morgan! Em and I met freshman year at BYU in the DT dorms. The first Sunday as I was getting ready, she marched into my room asked if I had a boyfriend. I said yes, I did. She said she did too and that we needed to be friends. So I went along with it. Good thing I did because she is a keeper! We pretty much thought we were untouchable in college, which was verified when we both went to the UK our senior year - she to Scotland and I to London. She was one of my 3 bridesmaids. She is my ultimate BFF.

She came to LA to visit a couple of weekends ago! Reunited. Of course, I took her to Sprinkles. We decided to walk Rodeo in what I thought would be a leisurely walk by Tiffany Co. But no. Emiley had a load of gift money there and bought a necklace. That will be my first and most definite last time ever witnessing someone I know buy something from Tiffany’s. We then explored the racks of Forever 21 on 3rd St. And I even made her peruse the Goodwill. Actually, she wanted to. You want to know why? Because when I picked her up, I was wearing a remarkable dress. And when she saw me wearing that remarkable dress, I blurted out the truth - that I bought it for $4.99 at the Thrift Store. Yes, folks, I am an expert thrifter. We finished the evening with a ferris wheel ride on the Pier. We debated getting ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, but for the sake of our bodies, we didn't.

Friends are great.
I think I'm going to start doing a friend spotlight.
I have so many great friends out there that I just adore.

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  1. Please imagine me doing KendraHammerHands while saying the following:

    Ween! Ugh! You WOULD buy something from Tiffany's. What a jerk.

    Haha. I love you two. Sometimes I think about when I would walk into our dorm room after being out late kissing Bryan and would find you two wrapped up in blankets watching Teen Girl Squad or telling me the plots of movies I hadn't seen. And I loved it. Having you as a roommate was probably the closest thing I ever came to being cool in college. And I am proud to say it. :) Maybe someday Bryan and I will bring the big O to California and have a taste of your glamorous life there on the coast. That would be lovely.