Preparing for the GRE + Great Find

Monday, March 8, 2010

How am I supposed to remember how to do that, seeing that the only math I’ve had since 11th grade was one semester of on-line Stats? Any highschoolers want to help out? This test is going to slaughter me on the arithmetic portion. Let’s just forget that when my boss orders food delivery and the guy needs change for $100 that I have to whip out my calculator, and let’s move on to happier, more promising areas of acceleration for me like… cooking!

I think I have found my new favorite past-time. I love when the weekend comes around and it’s time for grocery shopping so I can pull out a new recipe and give it a whirl. We had some pretty good ones last week, and this week is looking on the upside as well. I can see how addicting it must have been for Julie to imitate Julia. I find myself imitating Martha Stewart, and not just with her cooking. You should check out her tutorials on how to spice up your curtains.

Also, take a look at this GREAT FIND. How many times have you walked by a bowling alley and wished you could afford just one game? Just wished that you could put on those long-toed, putrid colored shoes that someone else’s smelly feet have been in and just slide around in them for an hour or two? And what about picking out your personal shiny greasy neon ball that will be solely yours for the next 60 +
minutes, along with the stuffy smell and 80’s music blaring? Well, my friends, you can have all that and more by signing up on for their e-club. When you register on-line as a member of AMF bowling club, they email you a coupon for 10 FREE GAMES! Si, 10 free games. The catch: You have to use within 30 days and all games have to be used on the same game. Therefore, make a league out of it and get 10 friends together, and each week/month have a different person sign up for the club and tada – bottomless games at AMF for 10 friends! [you still have to pay for shoes though] If you don’t have any friends, you can just go by yourself or with your one-and-only, like JO and I did! Except we are lucky and we do have 1 set of friends that came along with us. Nevermind the other 4 couples we invited – they were busy with prior engagements or didn’t like bowling, not dislike us, right JO? We’ll keep you posted on next month’s tournament. 


  1. I'm totally going to try that! The recipe I mean.

  2.  I used to bowl in a League team. Had the bestest time ever! ◯