LA just got more awesome

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We had heard a rumor that Cafe Rio opened up at a location near us. We were unbelievers. I personally felt that if this was true, then they would have announced it over the pulpit. But truth be told, it was true. Cafe Rio is now in California. The nearest location is 20 min away from our home. We ate there last night. Proof:


  1. Looks like ya'll got dressed up for the big occasion :)

  2. Cafe Rio has also expanded into Denver. We are so stoked!

  3. OMG! is this the one in manhattan beach?! I went there last night. Divine. It made me soooo happy!!

    ..haha just blog stalking, no worries. Hope you're doing well!! And be careful going through tunnels on your new bike. I think for you helmet is deffff a must. hahaha!