Call Me Martha...

Friday, October 23, 2009

...Or Kendra. Either way, Jared and I have been busy decorating. Although our newly found home might not grace the pages of Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon, its consumed our time the past 2 weeks so here it goes.
My mind is great. It can possess so many random thoughts all the time that I must exhaust Jared with my constant chatter about this or that. One thought I could not get out of my mind for the past 10 months was our apartment decor. I had tried several times on a low LOW budget to make the apartment seem cozy with what we had. But I finally broke down and asked Jared if I could take some of that mula we've been saving and invest a small portion in our temporary home. So I started by craigslisting some chairs, sanding them down and spraypainting them black. It was nice but more could be done. So we went to Home Depot and got some temporary paintable wall paper to give our kitchen wall some color. I chose gray. I know, that's not much of a color but it really did bring life and sophistication into our apartment. NEXT, ordered some fabric online to make some pillows. Lastly, our entertainment center. This piece is not ours but was in the apartment before we got there so I couldn't paint it or else I would have in a heart beat. I had to find a way to bring the colors in the room over to the vinyl oak entertainment center. Hmmm... well, Jared and I went to Michaels w/ 40% off coupons, bought 2 canvases, painted them gray like the wall and then with the left over fabric from the pillows I cut out some birds and glued them on to the 2 canvases and bought a white vase and some candles. We're going on a hike this weekend hopefully to pick up some sticks that I can spray paint black and put in the case to bring black to the area. OH, and we have this little side table that looked a bit too short next to the book case so I took some books and used them as risers under the legs to give the table a BIT of a lift. Ah, well, that's all. It was a lot more work than it looks like. I wish i took more before pictures but oh well!



I took this pics in the morning when the sun gives this brilliant yellow tint. It's pretty in real life but not in these pics.


  1. Very fun and creative. It's cool to make things your own. I like how the artwork turned out with the fabric birds on it, very cool!

  2. Kendra- your apartment looks amazing. Seriously.

  3. I like the books under the table. It makes me happy :-)

  4. Ken- I love it all! It's always fun to add your own zest to decorating.

    We were thinking of you guys while we drove through Santa Monica last month...wish we had time to meet up for lunch. Next time for sure.