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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I have some updates to talk about but I can't at the moment because I'm busy pouting. Yes, pouting. And it's all Jared's fault. If he weren't so stinking cute (which I'm glad he is!) I wouldn't have to sulk when I turn the camera on and see
ANDFOR REAL?! My superficiality is on the loose but uh, what the heck? Ok, in my defense, not every picture of me turns out like this. I do occasionally flash a smile at the lens and wipe the challenged look of my face but you know what it is - the hair. It's the hair, right? Is it shallow of me to care so much about my hair? I want to tear it all out ALL THE TIME! If its too volumey, it makes my face look too round, if its flat it looks dead. I layered it and it looks choppy but if its too straight it looks like Samara creepy girl from the ring minus the creepiness. Or maybe the creepiness is still there. UHHH!!! And since my hair is naturally curly I can't take a curling iron to it without straightening it first, which takes out all the life my dear strands have and therefore renders no use out of the curling iron. I've tried curling my hair with the straightener but I'm an amateur. If I blow dry it straight and then curl my hair its kinda of redeemable but that takes TOO much time everyday. And to make it worse I feel like every one else out there has PERFECT hair that can be styled any which way. Luckily that good looking man doesnt care at all. BUT, since everyone else I know has amazingly PERFECT hair - what's the secret yo? Should I be using product? A different shampoo/conditioner? Brush or blowdryer? Anything would be helpful.
But while my hair has been suffering, luckily our social lives have not. We went to a Haunted Maze with Kyle and Amy on Saturday which was freaky fun. And that's it. So I take it back, our social life is suffering too. But that's probably because we've been too busy doing some home decor re-modeling! I was getting super worried there for the past 8 months - I have been tramatized after reading too many home decor blogs and feeling inspired yet intimidated by the craftiness and creativity of other women I decided to... wallow in self-pity. But then I celebrated in my mind that I'm a woman too with a brain and so I re-decorated our apartment. Will post pics soon.
Seriously though, don't read this post without contributing to my hair dilemma. Help Me!
Mas Importante!


  1. Kendra! I totally feel you!! I'm currently using the "Its a Miracle 10" product and I love it!! Also, I follow it with Kenra serum! Try it!!! PS. I think your hair always looks cute!!

  2. Girl... I don't know if I have lots of advice, but I can tell you that I feel your pain! I swear everyone else has perfect hair and mine is not. It has no body and so I hardly ever wear it all the way down because no matter what I do, it looks like it's slicked to my head! I think your hair is super cute in all your pictures, soooo... yeah. I like the Garnier Nutrisse products. I use the volumizing mousse but they have lots of other things too.

  3. I suffer from similiar dilemmas myself. I get lazy and just pull it back because it takes a lot of time to tame with wild hairs. I agree with Brittany though, Kenra makes some good products. Best of luck! And on a side note, we always criticize our own hair the most. It probably doesn't feel cute to you, but I've never once looked at your hair and thought it didn't look cute. Thank goodness for great husbands who never seem bothered by the things that bug us about ourselves.

  4. Kendra- For reals. You lived with me for a year. You know that I have absolutely no hair advice for you. Unless you want me to tell you to put it up in a pony tail or messy bun every day. Oh, whoops, that's what I do! At least you can take comfort in knowing that you look more stylin' than your frump-o freshman roommate.

    P.S. Bryan did Kendra Hammer Hands yesterday. Ha! We both laughed. And missed you. :)

  5. Actually, I LOVED your hair with your natural curl while we were in England...I think it's beautiful. That's what I would pick.
    Just saying. :-)
    I have that natural curl that holds me back from just about anything too...I blow dry it with a round brush though...and that helps a lot.

  6. honestly, I look at you and see such lovely luscious locks that I had no clue there was an "issue".

    I have a friend in UT who I can only describe as a hair guru. I will point her in the direction of your blog and see if she has any advice.

  7. Hi Kendra. My name is Marissa and I'm Rebecca's hairdresser friend in UT. It's hard to say exactly what you need without feeling your hair, but from what I can tell by looking at your pics throughout your blog...
    You have a fantastic cut. Layers are good for curly hair. It may be easier if your layers were a little more blended. It wouldn't be so choppy that way. You couldn't have a round face if you tried, so no worries on wearing it full. And yes you can use a curling iron. I have naturally curly hair and use one all the time. Put a mousse or curl serum in your hair when it's wet and then blow dry natural. Use a curling iron in pieces that need touching up.
    Product... Tigi's Bed Head has a line for curly hair and it is fantastic. Sally's Beauty Supply has a "Generics" line that may have the equivalent for much less $dinero$.
    Only other advice I can give is that your ends look a little stressed. I recommend a good, chocolate color and a deep conditioning treatment.
    Hope some of that helps. Like I said, it's hard going mostly by pictures. From what I can tell you have beautiful hair. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  8. Oh Kendra, sooo hilarious! I have no hair advice for you but your blog makes my day.

  9. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! I guess I should go get some Kenra this weekend! And thanks Marissa for all your advice!

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  11. Kendra!
    Hey girl... I know this is a little late... but better late then never right?! Okay so my hair is stick straight but, my hair did not ever want to curl, at least hold a curl. I'm sure you can use any curling iron, infact i know you can bc its worked for me but instead of taking a piece of hair and clamping the iron down on the ends of your hair and twisting the curler up to your head, bend over and spray a little hair spray in your hair and shake it out, then take a chunk of hair, and start from your roots down twisting your hair around the curlier starting closer the the handle down. ive sure they have a you tuive video on it something. anyways. It works for me. Also, Becca Bacigalupi-Henderson is a hair dresser and sometimes your hair has build up from using the same shampoo for too long so switch it up. use a clear shampoo.

    Heres a Video of some chick that does it kinda like how i do it. just skip her babbling and go to almost the middle of the time and look at how she does it to get an idea. Good luck Ken