A Lover of Birthdays, the Color Black and Husband

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthdays are the best, aren't they? Right? Remember when you were in Elementary School and your name was announced over the PA for everyone to hear? Or how about the ribbon you got to wear around all day? And Mom would bring in cupcakes for your whole class, cards would come in the mail, you got to pick the dinner meal that night and your favorite cake? And of course the birthday list that was made 3 months prior to the birthday and you made sure to let Mom and Dad know you needed EVERYTHING. I can recall my 8th birthday. I loved Aladdin. Everything Aladdin. I had Raja and Jasmine barbies already BUT I was missing the guy barbie Aladdin. I had a dream the night before my birthday that I was playing with BOTH Jasmine and Aladdin and it was it was clear to me that I needed them both to bring me the greatest joy my little heart had ever known. Sadly, I didn't wake up to a surprise Aladdin on my bed or that night when I opened presents. I had to buy it. That wasn't as fun. Luckily my parents restored my faith in them the next year when they got me an American Girl Doll. Well, you can imagine my devastation when one year it was rounding about to my mom's birthday and I asked her what she wanted and she said she didnt care too much about her birthday. Um, WHAT?? What kind of person doesn't care about their birthday? That was almost as devastating as when she told me her favorite color was black! BLACK - so abnormally dull. (I, now at the age of 23, concur with my mother that black is the best color) Well truth be told and you can slay me for it, but I have become a un-birthday lover as well. Ok, not of OTHER people's birthdays - I like celebrating the birth of others but I find my birthday very anti-climactic. It's awkward. Period. Not because I'm getting older but because of all the fan-fare involved. But I need to recognize that yesterday I had the most splendid and unexpected birthday presented to me by my wonderful husband and it was magical. He made everything on my birthday list come true.

So Disneyland gives you a ticket on your birthday this year, right? Well, mine happened to land on a Wed, right in the middle of the work week. I have a super nice boss but I was in no way about to ask for my birthday off, especially since he was elongating my Thanksgiving Break so we can go on our 1 year anniversary trip. So I didn't ask. Unbenounced to me, Jared had emailed my boss, asked for my day off and took me to Disneyland after having made me the most spectacular birthday breakfast! Husbands are the best - all the time. After a whole day at Disney we decided on 2 things: 1) it's overpriced 2) we still love Disney at age 23. We celebrated that evening with some McD's cones, opening of some cards and 2 presents. Jared caught on to my hint, or blatant remark, 2 posts ago about the necklace. I've been saying for a while now that I want a black robe - one that goes all the way to the ground so I can swish around in it and feel classy in the mornings amidst my lack of make-up and bed hair before getting ready. So happy was my heart when I pulled out a gorgeous black robe from the well wrapped tissue paper. Thanks Mr!
We may or may not be doing some re-modeling to our apartment with some killer deals.
Stay tuned.....


  1. That's so cool he e-mailed your boss and asked for the day off!!!! And I still love Disneyland too. I used to have a season pass. Let it be known that I am jealous of your birthday extravaganza!

  2. Way to go Jared!!! i agree 100%. Disney is way overpriced, and I can't stand the fact that this Thanksgiving it will have been 4 years since I've been to a Disney park. I'm having major withdrawls.