It's Autumn Time, the Leaves ARENT Falling Down

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Summer has officially ended and I did not partake of a cherry-limeade once. How am I feeling about that? Not ok. The end result has to do with the fact that Los Angeles possesses NO SONIC LOCATIONS. No bluffing.
So now we're in to Autumn. Cool. I love Autumn. I love it when the leaves start to change colors and the mountains turn red, when I can bust out my scarves and beanies and boots, and a Starbucks Apple Cider is a weekly staple... Oh, but wait, I can't do any of those things because I live in a place where trees never shed and the weather never goes below 50! Call me insane but I quite enjoy my seasons. ANY ONE ELSE OUT THERE LIKE FALL?
So I've been home-making it up over here. Remember that sewing machine I bought a couple of months ago? I made some more pillows for the couch. They have yet to be completed, but Jared hasn't said one word about the unfinished project in the past 2 months that they have been housed on our sofa. And I think I'll make some new ones since I'm already tired of them... I tend to get bored easily with the home decor. This most likely, no.. more like 100% has to do with the fact that I dream big and our budget is small for the time being. Oh future house - you will be magnificent!
But while I can't improve my home decor too much right now, I can improve my wardrobe. Has anyone checked out JCREWS Fall Line? It's to die for! Granted, it's pretty simplistic stuff BUT I am all about simple right now with the little embellishments. Like this outfit for example:
CLASSY yet still youthful. BUT the jacket is retailing for $240. GREAT FIND TIME - I got an Express Jacket for $5 at the thrift store. My mother is being kind enough to tailor it in for me. I can wear it to work or with jeans and a tee for a more casual look. V-neck = TARGET. And accessories? (Husband, this is where you come in - my birthday is in 2 weeks. If you order now, it will get here in time...)
$12.99 at DOWNEAST
In other news, Jared and I had a fantastic time last Saturday with some friends. We went to a "ROOT BEER THROW DOWN." If that doesn't say we're LDS, then I don't know what would! Our friends who were hosting had 8 types of root beer written on the chalk board and in rounds they brought out 8 shots of various root beers and we had to guess which one was which. Jared and I discovered that root beer tasting is not our forte.
We both got one right.

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