The Low Down.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have this thing that I do when I get really excited about something, especially during the moment it's happening. I clench my teeth together super tight so my jaw is locked, my hands curl up into fists and for the duration of a whole 3 seconds my body convulses during my sudden surge of excitement. It's like I can't contain all the good-ness so I have to shudder it out. That has pretty much been my state for the past 2 weeks since JO quit his second job and started school.
I think he enjoys it as much as I do, right JO?
Much to tell, much to tell! I believe we owe it to the City of Los Angeles for providing us with so many incredible day trips. Kudos to this metropolis area that is just spewing with leisurely activities. First, we took a tour in the majestic Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA.

Phenomenal. I would totally love to take this whole blog and dedicate it to all the things that we learned but that wouldn't be ideal since I have more to report. However, if you ever visit LA, the Concert Hall is a MUST and the 1 hr tour is FREE!

Ok, so we took a venture out to Pasadena which resulted in more exciting convulsions on my end and Jared's first taste of a British scone. We went to the HUNTINGTON LIBRARY AND GARDENS, which might give off the idea of being dull but it was nothing short of magical. Ok, so this guy, Henry Huntington, was extremely wealthy during the early 20th century and on his estate he constructed these 9 or so magnificent gardens - japanese, chinese, desert, jungle, herb, Shakespeare and children's garden. Mr Huntington, hats off to you for your ingenious idea and now opening it up to the public. It was marvelous.

We also found time to jump in our little Hyundai and make the trek to Vegas to see Jordan and Like, I mean Luke. Luke's parents were super cordial and let us stay in their home and wakeboard/tube/jet ski with the family as well as witneess BYU beat OKLAHOMA on their big screen. GRACIAS! And we also walked the strip stiff and tuckered-out from hours of laughing uncontrollably on the tube, watching Jay hang on for dear life on the side handle, Luke clinging on to the back and me giving up yelling "I'm going! I'm going!" and releasing my grip from the black handle that failed to keep me on board. What a day! We were also able to see Stephanie and Eric and their little girl, Maylee. I have to be careful with how much time I spend around babies these days. I can trick myself in to thinking that I want one and need one NOW, seeing that I'm turning 23 in ONE MONTH. 23, is that old or just on the border of still being young? Because some days I feel like "Um, self, you are getting old and if you dont have a kid now then you won't stop having children til you're 35" and other days I think "you can't afford a kid." I guess that's my main question, how do people afford kids??? Maybe if I can find the answer I can convince JO... No, No not time yet!! But seriously, for when the time comes, how do people afford kids?!?!


  1. I don't think anyone that is young can afford having a kid but we keep having them anyway!

  2. You just make it work. Seriously... that's the trick. You know that there will never be a perfect time and you just make it work.

    And sign up for all the baby product places and get coupons for diapers!

  3. Speaking of which, if you send me your e-mail address I'll invite you to our private family blog so you can see pictures of our cute baby.