This American Life

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JO and I have become addicted to the NPR show
"This American Life."
Before listening to this show, my thoughts about NPR could pretty much be summed up in this pic:
However, after being tempted time and time again by the enthralling stories presented on this radio network, my views of NPR have changed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with THIS AMERICAN LIFE, it is a radio show hailing from Chicago whose aim is to piece together a wide varitey of stories from the American people. Each episode has a theme and a variety of stories on that theme. Some are funny, some are political, some are bogus, some are sad. It is by no means BORING. And the best part about the show? It's free! Go to itunes and subscribe to the podcast or download the podcast on their website. I will give my recommendation. JO and I are rather fond of episode 291 aired on May 8, 2009. It's called "REUNITED." Check it out...

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  1. saw your blog. and you're right... this show is very interesting and insightful at times. Even more interesting is this video :