Ode to a Husband

Monday, July 20, 2009

Although I lack the capability of writing anything poetic, I will still count these next few sentences as an ode, seeing that they are the thoughts of my most bewitched heart that have me so captivated by my charming husband. JO is THE BEST when it comes to random acts of kindness. He does so many of them throughout the day that they often become lost as common or expected gestures. So I decided that I was going to keep track of my husband acts so that they would not go unnoticed.
Act 1. A couple weeks ago we were getting ready for church and I, in passing, mumbled that I needed to get batteries installed in my dead watches. I came home later that week to find 2 watches sitting on my dresser and a note that read “Now that they’re fixed you have no excuse not to wear them! You look classy with a watch on.” So I wear them because classy is what a girl wants to be.
Act 2. JO goes to work every morning at 6am, meaning he has to be up by 5:15. He still manages to find time to take out the trash and recycling before leaving and I don’t even ask.
Act 3. We were at the beach Saturday and when we got back into the car he had a missed call from the Elders Quorum President asking him to come help a lady move. With no grumbling, he called right back and was disappointed when he found out they were done moving and he had missed out on an opportunity to serve.
Act 4. There is a pin that holds the curtains in our bedroom up. One of them had fallen out and I had been too lazy to put it back in for a couple of days, causing the drapery to hang awkwardly. I can home from work and when I went to pin the curtain back up JO had taken the initiative and already done so.
Act 5. He’s going with me to the Jason Mraz concert in the Hollywood Bowl in October! We’re both so enthused but he let me spend the money to go to the concert.
Act 6. JO always tells me that I have the best ideas because no matter what the task is that I give him, he says it’s a challenge and it makes him grow. He never grumbles, but always strives to be his best. And I don’t always have the best ideas but he makes me believe they are…
Act 7. Every dinnertime meal, we say the blessing and afterward JO leans over and gives me a kiss and says “Thank you.”

More could be said, but that is just a piece of my every-day bliss.

We also had the opportunity last week to attend the Laguna Art Festival
Pageant of the Masters
with my family. My mom, sister and I went a couple of years ago and it was there that my love for the Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens first appeared. If you have never seen it, its is quite a spectacle and more magicical when you're standing there infront of it in the quiet morning amidst the London fog.
This years theme was "THE MUSE." It was amusing. We were glad to have a cultural night out.
Thanks family!


  1. hahah so i was reading and scrolling and then i saw in huge letters:
    PREGNANT, except i realized it said pagaent. hahaha. woops...
    no little oakdens yet i guess.

  2. Remember when we found the Peterpan statue! I remember how you loved it