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Monday, July 20, 2009

What it looks like inside the Chinese Graumans Theatre? Well, JO and I have and we decided to resolve that wonderment on Saturday night. It’s fantastic! It’s just one big giant movie screen, with red velvet chairs, high ceilings, Chinese lanterns, oriental paintings and filled with the most enthusiastic crowd I have ever been a part of.
We saw “The Half-Blood Prince” within its confines and it was quite magical. The only complaint I have is that the arm rests did not recede so I was not able to cuddle with JO. BUT it was still enchanting nonetheless. Our next movie ventures are as follows:


My favorite book of all time is coming out in theaters and I have been waiting for it for so long and it’s been in the making for over a year and I’ve been tracking it on IMDB and its rating has always been R but last week they changed in to Pg-13 so now I can see it and my most favorite actress of all time, Rachel McAdams, is starring as Claire and I’m so excited I can’t contain myself and I just hope that the movie is as enthralling as the book (out of breath)!!!!!!

Also, my latest idea is to become a freelance writer because I love writing so much. I miss writing papers on the collegiate level. I miss research. I miss putting words together to make an eloquent verse or profound statement. Maybe I should go back and get my Masters… Maybe once JO is done with his BA.

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