let me tell you a story

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I always love a good picture book, don't you? There's something pleasing about being able to "read" a story by pictures alone. I've always been a fan of telling personal stories through photographs and videography, so when I was approached by Photobucket about a contest involving their new feature, storyboard, I was all in. The theme of the contest is "life is an adventure," and since I could think of no greater adventure than parenthood, my timeline tells of our expedition into the land of babes. So, like I said, this is a contest and that means there is a prize. That prize would be $25,000. I know the odds of us winning are slim, but I am dreaming of that $25,000. You might think my dreams with all those bills would go towards something like a new car, fancy wardrobe, and a tropical vacation somewhere. However, my intentions with such a winning would be toward our student debt. I'm a realist, what can I say? But maybe we'd take $5,000 of that and go on a mediterranean cruise. Yes, that would be done.

How bout helping us win that grand ol' prize, huh?
View our story HERE. IMPORTANT: You have to click "LIKE" on the top right of my story ON PHOTOBUCKET in order to submit your vote. Many many thanks!!  Contest ends Sunday, December 9th!


  1. Fantastic photo story, thank you for sharing! It looks like you had fun documenting your sweet family. :)


  2. love it!! i voted :)

    ...i'd probably do something realistic (let's be real: boring!!) with $25K! that's why i have james to keep me in check!! so i say a mediterranean cruise is a good idea :)

  3. Ahhh! This fantastic. Hope you win!

  4. This is so cool, I hope you win!!! Of course you have my vote!!!

  5. Kendra, I just have to tell you, I love your blog so much, which you already know. For me, your blog is like a peice of candy or fresh bouquet of flowers it has something that other blogs don't, certainly not mine. I am constantly inspired by how fluid your creativity is. I love the simplicity of your post. You are able to convey so much with such simplicity I wish I could too. I think I am going to take a challenge for myself and try simpler.

    I loved the timeline. Of course I voted and I am going to link to your blog, because you need that money!!!!!!!!!! If it were me that money would go to the exact same place, student loans. I went to a private University, that was not BYU. :)

    Kendra, I always love it all. You are a picture of delight and sunshine. I will always come back for more. Love to you,

    Shauna xoxoxo