Guest Post: Rachel from Tunes and Spoons!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boy, do I have a treat for you today!
When I came across Rachel's blog a while back, I was giddy with excitement. She is so charming, classy and just an inspirational woman. She just recently became a mother to beautiful Evaleigh and it's been so wonderful to relive those newborn experiences through her. {P.S. you HAVE to check out Evaleigh's nursery. It is TO DIE FOR!}

Hello there Little Almanac readers!  I'm Rachel from Tunes & Spoons.  I'm really excited to be guest posting here today and a big thanks to Kendra to finding me and putting us in contact with one another. I love reading about her little Evelyn and her adventures as a mother, wife, and just down right stellar lady! With Valentine's Day just passed, love is on my brain.  Particularly how we express our love. Often times we use Valentines as an opportunity to express our love in grandiose ways, however I've always been more partial to the small everyday acts of love.   A box of chocolates or expensive jewelry will never mean to me what a kiss on the forehead, brush of my hair away from my face, or a little love note 'just because' ever could.  That is not to say that each does not express love in its own way but I believe that deep and abiding love is built on small moments.  And when those moments are mounted one a top the next what is built is strong and eternal. I have recently been schooled in what it really means to love.  My heart grew 1,000,000 times bigger just 4 weeks ago as I gave birth to our darling Evaleigh. I am so looking forward to building tiny moments of love with her while having my dear husband by my side.

Wishing each of you a love filled life!  Come visit us and follow along in our journey of love if you'd like!

Thanks Rachel for spreading your joy! I hope you all will hop on over and say hello!


  1. So sweet!

    Hey Kendra..thanks for the comment on my blog!
    That's very cool your best friend is from here...odd place to be from ha! I'll add you to my following list name-twin! :)