M - to the - Other's Day

Sunday, May 8, 2011

If you read Rockstar Diaries, I guess she and I had the same idea last Mother's Day. We both took a pregnancy test. I thought how phenomenal it would be if I found out I was actually pregnant on Mother's Day and I would walk around just glowing, secretly being a "mother." Well, I think I ended up crying because there was only 1 line instead of 2. I had to be patient and wait another 7 days to get my two lines. And a year later I have the most gorgeous 3 month old baby.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to being a mother. I love every drop and ounce this glorious job has to offer. I love her gummy smile, her shrieking coos, her energized kicks, her blue blue eyes, her peach fuzz hair and her small bum. I love watching her laugh at her dad, squeal when she sees me, her cheerful disposition. I love watching her fail to roll over time and time again - not because I delight in her failure but I marvel that she is always learning something new. 

I count all my many blessings every night, and give extra thanks above for my little Evy Rae.

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  1. Hope your first Mother's Day with a little one was wonderful :) You are beautiful and so is she!