Fashion Friday - Tricks of the Trade #1

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm writing articles for hugpages now, so click HERE for Fashion Friday.


  1. That is impressive and inspiring. Smart thinking to go "shopping" in your closet instead of coming home with obligatory purchases.

  2. this it too funny, i had to read the first part out loud to beau because i had a similar experience. last week i was interviewing over by a mall so i decided to wonder into forever 21 and after 30 minutes of searching & trying on i had a few summer tops, went to the cashier and felt dumb spending $ on unnecessary things so i said i have to pick my husband up really fast & we only have one car, ill pick these up later! ha.
    anyway, i love going through my closet too and finding hidden treasures!
    can't wait to read more posts!

  3. I love organizing and de-cluttering posts. I don't know why, but how other people manage their things is so fun to read about.

  4. it's so sad and hard to let go of clothes that are too small but still so cute... :(
    So, I hold on to them.
    But, this post inspired me to look again and reevaluate. It's like therapy.