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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I thought I'd kick off Mother's Day a bit early and introduce you all to this fabulous lady. Before I was a mother myself, I had high hopes for what was to come because of my cousin, Mari. Mari has such an awesome outlook on motherhood. Her blog is one of my favorites because of her honest yet witty approach. Her post about her birthing experience slayed me! I thought I would kindly offer you all some of her awesome-ness as a guest blogger.


So when Kendra asked me to guest post she included a few questions that I could consider when writing. I picked a couple that I thought suited me best.

“What has been your most embarrassing/humorous mom moment?”

Oh gosh. This JUST happened. To make an incredibly long story short, my 18-month-old son, Logan, threw up an amazing volume of airplane snacks and peanut butter all over me as we were boarding a plane. It was literally from my hair to my toes. This was supposed to be our second flight that day but, ahem, No.

I was not flying with a barfing baby.

Also, my clothes were disgusting. I was not flying with barfy clothes.

But then I had to because well, all my other clothes were on the plane. We spent the night in Salt Lake City, halfway home, hoping that Logan could work out the flu overnight.

It almost worked.

He waited to drench me with throw up again until we landed in Portland.

Tied for second place embarrassing moment: the time that Logan pooped all over me while I was nursing him at a mall and I had to walk around with poopy pants (why I didn’t just buy new pants, I don’t know); and the time my milk came in while I was at church and leaked through my shirt in front of the young women.


“How do you find the time to still be yourself?”

This is a good question and I think a major part of becoming a mom is redefining yourself. You just can’t do everything you did before and still find balance and happiness.

So, when I discovered that I narrowed down the things I like to do, to just a few things that I need to do.

One: Social time. When I am alone with Logan all day long every day I go a little nuts. I become that woman who talks her husband’s ear off about the mundane happenings of the day when he gets home from work at night. There are only so many stories that a man can hear about boogers and poop, people!

So I now have a little group of friends who are my age with kids Logan’s age and we get together once a week for lunch and crafting. I think it has helped us all keep our sanity.

This brings me to number two: Making crap. Suddenly I love to craft all kinds of junk for my house, baby, and myself. I don’t know exactly where it came from but I’m embracing it as a new love and trying not to let it overtake my home.

Sadly this doesn’t leave much room for music, which is what I majored in but I’m holding on to hope that there is another time and season for more music for me.

“Is motherhood all you thought it would be?”


It is more than I could have ever imagined.

I have found more frustration, difficulties, stress, guilt, and agony than ever in my life. Motherhood is hard and just as you conquer one stage in your child’s life, a new stage rears its ugly head.

And it never ends!!

But, I have also found more love, beauty, joy, laughter, adoration, and happiness than ever before. It is awesome. Just when you think your baby couldn’t get any cuter or more fun, they do.

Totally worth it.

You can get the day to day with Mari here.

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