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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So we spent the past weekend in a spring of Palms, or more notably known as Palm Springs. Being only 2 hours from LA, we decided a quick get-away would do our bodies good! We left early Friday morning, spent the first part of the day in a massive palm oasis. Those trees were gargantuan! I guess my main quest for the vaca was to soak up some rays. I have never known my skin to formulate this pasty white color. It is quite revolting. I guess that's the life of a working woman! So we checked in to our Ramada Inn. It was quite evident our room had not been cleaned as the bed sheets were tousled, the trash had not been taken out, the bathroom floor was sopping wet, the towels were loosely hung, and a hairnet sat on the floor. We politely told the guy that the room had not been cleaned, and that we were going to lay out at the pool for the next 2 hours and they could clean it in the mean time. So we went to the pool. Remember the swimsuit I wanted here? Well, you better believe I got it! It's fab. After laying out, we went back up to the room, discovered it still had not been cleaned. Bummer.... We ventured out to the main strip where we sat and people watched for probably 20 min. Of course we hit up a local thrift store - no bueno. Nothing can beat Santa Monica's absurd selection.

Saturday morning we went to this zoo, The Living Desert. I have to give it credit - it was pretty well stocked with animals and things to do. Following the zoo, we were both just cravings some BBQ meat. We stumbled across this restaurant BABE'S, which was incredible! I hate to admit it, but I think I can out-eat my husband. Or atleast I have less self-control than he does. He ordered 2 sandwich sliders. What did I get? The combo - 1/4 rack of st. louis ribs and 2 large chicken thighs with baked beans and sweet potato fries! Yeah, that's right. But I couldn't finish it... We ended the weekend on Sunday by watching "Rebel without a cause"... Actually, I ended the weekend by forcing myself to step on the scale. Something I hadn't done for a couple of weeks but I felt the pressure to do so because the growing pressure of my tummy against my pants. The outcome was just as I had suspected - WEIGHT: GAINED. a lot of weight gained. I guess that 1/2 of a 1/4 slice of that Claim Jumper MOTHERLODE cake really did me in. Seriously, that thing is the sin of all sins! And I'd like to point out that I had 1 portion and Jared had 2... Anywho, I guess that means I need to step up the cardio this week. Plus, Jared's got me going on this weight lifting thing. I've never been much of an arm worker-outer. But it's rather nice.

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  1. I didn't know it was possible for you to gain weight ;-)