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Monday, April 26, 2010

So this morning Jared asked me what i was going to have for breakfast. My first response: Scrambled eggs with a protein shake and banana. OOO... wait, that might be too much protein. So I changed my answer. I told him scrambled eggs with a 1/4 slice bagel and a banana. NNooppee. That sounded good, but not as good as a shake and banana. Hmm. So I asked Jared what I should have. I think he answered me by saying get down the toaster. So I did. I guess that meant that I was going to have the bagel with eggs and no protein shake. Part of me was sad that I wasn't going to have my shake. The other part of me was glad that I was going to eat a carb for breakfast. For a moment I battled it out in my head. Until I realized that it was just breakfast. What a dimwit. I can make HUGE decisions with the greatest ease and confidence, but the most minute things I struggle with. Like this past weekend, Jared asked if we should take the toll road. After thinking about it for a moment, I reasoned that no we shouldn't. That is, until we approached the toll, my mind blurted out for him to take the toll road and he jetted across 6 lanes to make the on-ramp. I think I make his life a headache sometimes.

Since the last post: Jared and I met with a recruiter from a possible grad school in London. It's just a POSSIBILITY and we're not putting all of our eggs in that basket, but... come on - 3 cheers for LONDON! Jared's finishing up his junior year here in the next 2 weeks, so we're preparing for the GRE and a slew of grad school apps to start in the fall. I'm excited, to say the least! 95% of the schools we're looking at are located on the east coast. I've been dreaming of weekend trips to NYC, fall trips to the Appalachian hillsides to go apple picking and spending the 4th of July in the heart of America. Nostalgic for Virginia, can you tell? So I guess what I'm trying to say is I'll be happy anywhere!... so long as its New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachussetts, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia OR London.

But in the mean time, we're living the life of a SoCalifornian. This past weekend my family came down for my cousin's farewell. I'm glad that both our families live relatively close. I think my favorite part of this weekend was my father's confession - the other day Jared posted on his facebook "I'm excited to get some pazookie tonight!" I don't know where my dad's mind was, but his first thought was, "oh, is that what kids call it these days?!" No dad, kids dont call "it" a pazookie, THIS is what we call a pazookie. Us and 2 other couples downed it in no time. It felt good.

Oh, and this weekend we were introduced to FRICKLES!! Frickles are probably our new favorite thing. They're fried dill pickle slices. MMMmmm it's the perfect combo of salty and deep fried!

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