Excuse my confession.. and a life update

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jared asked me the other day if I had blogged about our Easter festivities. No, I had not yet done so. Mostly because of the lack thereof. I DID have great ambitions for this year - perfectly Martha Stewart'ed eggs, carefully crafted decorations, and a grandifolis Easter morn breakfast [grandifolius is latin for big {grandi} leaves {folia}. While I did not quite want big leaves for breakfast, I did want to use a word to describe my high ambitions for Easter brunch, and grandifolis sounded grand, but even better than grand actually, so I used it right now under a false pretense. You wouldn't have known if I hadn't told you...]. But alas, my desire for great achievement was cheated out by laziness. We ended up with the 99cent egg dying packet as our only celebratory gesture.Oh, and the Easter Bunny came Sunday morning with a bag of Reeses and mini-cadbury eggs. Easter wasn't quite the same this year, knowing that I was the bunny... Maybe next year our little Oakden clan will have a baby tike to help make the festivities more outlandish???

Is it just me, or was a majority of General Conference about motherhood? I C O U L D N O T S T O P T H I N K I N G A B O U T B A B I E S ! I know, please excuse my confession, but Anyone have any suggestions to stop this baby hunger madness that I eat, pray and live for? The day will come, I need some distractions. That's why we're going to Palm Springs this weekend!

Jared and I called it out - we need a break from this warm... beachside.. abode place we live in.. I know, sounds awful right? Why did we even choose to live in Santa Monica? I can't believe we're actually traveling INLAND for a vacation, AWAY from the beach that is 2 miles from our home. Sometimes you just need to switch things up. We're looking forward to our high end stay at the Ramada Inn, equipped with a pool, hot tub and continental breakfast [which we all know boils down to a travel box of frosted flakes, a English muffin and Denny's restaurant packages of jam.] Neither of us have ever been to Palm Springs. Any suggestions? Laying out by the pool and tanning is #1. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Ken, I remember those days when everything screamed BABIES. Jared wanted to get some "just us" time in first and I was too baby hungry to think like that. I'm so glad he thought like that though, because now I look back and cherish the times it was just us. Having a family is the most amazing thing ever, but it just takes more effort...you'll see. When I was so BABY HUNGRY I thought I was going to have a breakdown, I had Jared give me a blessing after church and it helped SO much. I was content after the blessing and until I got pregnant. All in time :D

  2. The best way to ward off the "I want to have a baby feeling?"

    Have one. And if you want to keep that feeling in check even longer, eat way too much junk while you're pregnant so that you get more fat than is needful. And then have an emergency C-section.

    Trust me on this.

  3. There is TOTALLY no way to ward of the baby hunger...and it only gets worse when your friends all start having them! All I can say is being married without a baby is so fun and take the time to do random adventures like Palm Springs (it helps!)

    Oh and Conference was all about babies!!!And your eggs are really cute.

  4. Conference WAS totally about motherhood. I would say, "Come watch Colin and you won't want a baby for a while." But, I'm pretty sure if you did that you would want a baby even more (if that's possible ;-)).