A Welcomed Addition

Monday, February 1, 2010

We LOVE it! I’ve been begging Jared for an iMac for a while. I’ve had an itch to edit some of our adventure videos and burn them to a dvd for quite some time, but our hp laptop wasn’t up for the job. So now, my editing options are endless! I’ve watched 80% of the tutorials, so I feel well-equipped. Be prepared for some major video uploading in the near future!

This past weekend my family came for a quick visit. Friday night we went to the BYU vs UCLA volleyball game. Cougars lost. The next morning we fancied them with Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancakes – MMmmm! We made a quick stop at Venice beach to watch the skateboarders and then the fam headed home. It’s nice living where we are – only 3 hours a way from home makes it easy for the family to visit us or us to visit them yet we still can do our own thing.

Sunday was great! We both LOVE our CTR A class. They are our favorite part of Sunday. Our afternoon was spent reading and playing on the new toy. Is anyone else as in love with the Gospel Principles manual as I am? I’m LOVING it! We topped off the evening with some TollHouse Chocolate Chip Walnut ready-to-bake cookies – our fav! I think we were both shocked to look down and realize that we just ate 12 cookies in 5 minutes. They were the mini’s, so 6 each isn’t bad, right? Plus, it was Sunday – my anything goes day!

TANGENT - This blog post title,“A Welcomed Addition,” holds dual meaning. One, Jared and I welcome the iMac into our home. Secondly, it holds reference to a creepy random BYU boy who asked my BFF Emiley if she wore perfume. She said no. He told her that perfume would be “a welcomed addition.” That’s almost as weird as a text I received from a boy I met on campus. He texted me to see if I was going to a party, which I replied I was. He then shot back the text “I’m going to try to dress to impress you. Do you think I can?” No response was remitted. Where was he going with that? BYU boys are weird but are great for comic relief.

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  1. 1. Cool computer.
    2. Can we come visit you? I want to go to the beach. Real bad.
    3. Emiley...hahahahahahaha! She always has such wonderfully anti-romantic stories up her sleeve.