Crest Whitestrips

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jared swears these work. I, on the other hand, always end up with that nasty gel all over my tongue, the strips fall off my teeth and my mouth salivates like a dog. Is there some secret that I’m missing to these? Before I go and spend another $35 for nothing, any vouchers out there? I’d really love to have my whites all pearly, or is it my pearlies all white??


  1. I think it's "pearly whites". So you'd want your pearly whites white....? idk.
    but I don't believe in them either. I feel like they never do anything.

  2. I got the classic version at Walmart for $17 a few months ago. They're okay, my teeth always get super sensitive to hot/cold when I use them. But I think they do whiten a little. Good luck!

  3. You're better off (if you are trying to go cheap), getting a sports mouth guard from Big 5, boiling it to shape your own teeth then going to a dentist and buying professional bleach to put on your teeth. Those stripes will never get you even close to "white"! Professional bleach at my office is only $15 and its good for 4-5 days. Plus, you only have to leave it on for 3-5 mintues!! It has a high bleach content so it gets the job done much faster! Good Luck! If you want to be wild and crazy and get custom bleach trays, its $200! Or wait for a DDS to donate them at one of those ward auctions and you can bid for them cheap! (Last year a lady came in and she had won them for $35!)