There's a First for Everything

Saturday, February 27, 2010

First #1: I peeled my first orange today. I ate it too. In all my 23 years, I have had a detest for oranges. Not orange flavored things, but just oranges themselves. I DESPISE PULP. I hate the sight of watching someone take a big juicy bite out of an orange slice and witness nothing but stringy slim left on the peel. Their chin usually also contains some pulpy remnant. Gross. I hate orange juice for that very reason. But I had a recent encounter with an orange last Monday that changed the way I mentally ate an orange. Our friends served their oranges in rounds rather than slices. It was revolutionary! Just the presentation of that orange looked inviting enough for me to give in to all my years of rejection. So I had an orange round, followed by 6 more. I was hooked! So when I went to the grocery store this weekend, I was sure to pick up some big navel oranges. I came home today and attempted to peel. By the end of my 10 minute peel, my orange looked rather sad with all of its dents and punctures. Jared was kind enough to first laugh at me and then show me the proper way of peeling an orange. Apparently you start at the top and you don't dig your nails down into the heart of the orange but a slight tug at the skin and the thing comes of in one sheet! Remarkable! I just re-discovered myself through an orange. Although I still hold a distain for orange slices and pulp, I can tolerate orange rounds, so please if you invite me to a party where oranges will be served, keep this in mind.

First #2: Jared and I also experienced a first 2 nights ago at a stop light. We were just enjoying a quick kissing session at the red light when we were alerted by the car
behind us that we were overindulging. Apparently the light had turned green, we were still locking lips and holding up a very impatient car behind us. Oddly enough that honk embarrassed us both. What, were we teenagers and we couldn't wait til home? It was weird because that was the first time that had happened to us, EVER, even during dating. To justify ourselves, we just agreed that that light was super short and that our make-out wasn't long at all.

First #3: I got my first smart phone. And I LOVE IT! Jared and I both got
the Tmobile MYTOUCH. I told Jared that I felt the past 2 weeks I have been so organized, and he attributed it to my phone and I kinda have to agree. My phone isn't full of games and other useless apps but rather my apps are banking, check booking, a grocery list app, calorie counter and buddyrunner. Seriously, my life has been revolutionized. The check book keeps track of all my credit card, debit and cash purchases so I always know where the money is going. The grocery list is super cool! Instead of going to 3 different grocery stores with papers in hand, I just have them all on my phone. And there's a barcode scanner so I can go to any store, scan the product and it will show me the prices at other stores to compare. Super handy! Anyways, I hate to say that I'm one of those people that has to have a smartphone, but it has been nifty to have.



  1. Your blog just brightens my day. Seriously, I love you!!!! I need to get married just so you have a reason to come out. I'll start working on that!!

  2. I wish I had the bar-code scan thing. Sounds nifty!