Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybe next New Years will be more fun...
Jared had to work Friday morning at 4am, so we celebrated with the New Yorker's at 9pm and then hit the sack.
Regardless of our lack of enthusiasm, the new year has treated us well thus far. That is, until the check engine light came on in my car this morning [I'm tempted to just keep driving it. What could it hurt if the car isn't puttering along on its last breath?]
We hit up the Cheesecake Factory and AVATAR one night. That was cool. I am continually amazed at how enamored I am with fantasty movies. What is it about Lord of the Rings, Van Helsing, Star Trek, The Brothers Grimm, Twilight, Potter, X-Men, AVATAR that have me hooked? Maybe its the fact that they all star hunky men like Hugh Jackman, or that the special effects are really cool - but I guess I'm a closet fantasy fanatic. Any others fantasy lovers out there?
On Saturday we took some bikes out on the beach. This is why I love Santa Monica in January.

2010 is year of the Tiger. Jared and I were also born in 1986, which was also a Tiger happening year. Accordingly, we're destined to fulfill great things in 2010. Let's hope so.

Oh, and Christmas was great too. I'm really liking these purple tights JO got me.

I'll leave you with this Christmas image.

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