5 FACTS. because 5 seems like a good number

Monday, December 21, 2009

1. I'M A BIG KID NOW. I tried to deceive myself into thinking I was an adult this Christmas. With no written Christmas list I was feeling high and mighty receiving full satisfaction that I had risen above the world of wants. LIAR! After going Christmas shopping for family and friends this weekend, I realized I had a longer wishlist than any child could ever muster.
2. I MAY BE PAPER CHALLENGED. I am the WORST gift wrapper. Seriously. Any tips?
My wrapping handicaps:
Too much wrapping paper on gift
(I know, sounds weird right - how can you have too much paper? Just cut it off. But let's say you're at the point where it wraps perfectly width wise, but the length is 3 inches too long on each side? Cut it still? No that makes for unclean edges, but would I rather have unclean edges or a bulge on two sides because of too much paper?)
Corners not tight
Folds are jagged and far from crisp
Wrapping looks crinkled when I'm done - like it's gone through 3 days of shipping across the nation in the back of a delivery truck when in fact it's just spent the last 10 minutes in my lap being taped and untaped and re-wrapped
3. I GOT LUCKY. I was supposed to work Christmas Eve. Now I'm not.
4. CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE... I was delighted to learn that I have a naturally good Christmas singing voice until I realized I only sound like Mary Carpenter in the shower. Or when the volume is turned up really loud in the car. Nowhere else.
5. SMART MAN. Jared has all A's so far this semester!
We leave Wednesday night for Clovis. We're excited for our first trek home for the holidays!


  1. 1- You're allowed to be a kid at Christmas for your whole life!! Make a list!
    2- Isn't your mom the professional wrapper? Here's my tip: have her give you a lesson when you're home for Christmas! :) Cut, then fold the jagged edge over to make it look straight.
    3-Hip hip hooray!!! That so totally rocks!
    4-Sing anyway; the holidays are a super time to belt it out no matter the skill.
    5-Way to go Jared!!! Awesome!
    6-I love you guys! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ken! I love your blog! Any ideas on how to make mine so cute like yours?! Love you so much and adding you to my blog thingy- I already forgot what its called... im screwed.