Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok, Jared and I are not reality tv people – AT ALL! We stick more to shows like 30 Rock, Community, Glee and stuff. But last night we stumbled upon the last 20 min of The Bachelor. OMG, was it captivating… and super nauseating. We were both stupefied by the insecurity of these girls yet we couldn’t look away. It was like these girls were feeding me compliments left and right, making me look like the goddess of all wifeness and goodness when compared to their superficiality. Seriously, this show might become a regular in our house due to my rising self-esteem… No no, I could never do that…

But I can report that I am sticking to my New Year resolutions so resolutely. I’ve gone to the gym at least 3 times a week, no desserts until Saturday and scripture study has been done daily. I had one rather unusual resolution this year - to be a better geographer! I've been flabergasted by my lack of geo-sense for long enough now and its time to do something about it! So I've been doing these geography quizzes on National Geographic and trying to build up my score in the GeoBee competition! Seriously, you should try it out. I want compete in the competition but it looks like high school is the cut off. Shoot! I guess Jared and I will have our own show-down.

Good news: Today my company's marketing director laughed to himself in his office. He then peered out and said “I like your writing style!” It’s always nice to have your writing appreciated.


  1. hey.. maybe the PLANET EARTH game we got you will help in your quest for bettering your geography skills. ha jk. but maybe.
    and i can't believe you watch the bachelor. That reminds me of... someone i can't say on here for fear they might see it.

  2. For Christmas I got Bryan a National Geographic game (from the 70's) that I found at DI. I kind of wish I hadn't. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES it, but I am hopelessly behind in my world knowledge and it makes playing the game rather pointless. I will have to tell him about these little quizzes.