Pazookie to Go!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So last night Jared and I made our way down to see The Time Travelers Wife. When we got to the theater we noticed a BJ's across the way. PAZOOKIE! However, we didn't have enough time to sit down nor did we want to pay the waiter for the 5 seconds it took him to walk the cookie out and put it on our table. I have to be careful when going out to dinner with JO. Since he gets tipped at both the jobs he works at he feels the need to be overgenerous to all tipped services rendered. Actually, maybe he isn't overgenerous at all but his tipping makes me selfish and guilty since I am not so freely giving of my money. Needless to say, I didnt have to worry last night about tipping anyone out because DA DA DA DA - I have an ingenious husband. He ordered the pazookie to go! Whaa?? BJ's does that? Heck yes! Half oreo, half white chocolate macadamia nut with cookies and cream whipping on top - MMMMmmm! A satisfied woman! And Time Travelers was great! Not as good as the book, but if the movie gets the husband choked up at the end then it must be a winner.

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