Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last night I jumped into bed after having taken a shower and laid there for a bit. JO then asked
"Any shower thoughts?"

Weird. We haven't done shower thoughts in a long time!

"Shower thoughts.. hmm, well I started thinking about how a good chunk of my friends have been married for a ridiculously long time, like Lindsey's been married for 4 years (Congrats Linds!) and she and steph both have babies and Carissa is pregnant. And then I thought, crap what if I can't have kids and its your fault? Or what if I'm defective. I guess we could adopt but I would want one kid of our own to see how cute it would be. Do you think it would be cheaper to do in vitro? How many trials do you think we could get out of that? But if we couldn't have kids the upside would be that I wouldn't get fat. I think I ate pretty well this week, except for I always give in on the weekends. And tonight, I shouldn't have had those 2 cookies tonight. I'm so mad at myself.... What about you? You have any shower thoughts?"
"I thought about how weird it is that my arm can bend like this."
Cool. Thanks husband for showing me how ridiculous my brain is.


  1. Classic difference between the thought processes of men and women!

    ps, your kids are going to be DANG cute!

  2. I Love it! What great shower thoughts, haha.

    Since I've had Lily, my shower thoughts aren't very deep (probably b/c my showers are like 2 minutes long). mine are more like...did I already shampoo my hair? wash my face? do I hear Lily crying, etc.

    Enjoy the long, deep shower thought time while you have it. :)