I dont like it when the following happens...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

JO Text: Babe, I'm off at 10:30! Shall I bring us home a dessert?
KO Text: WHA! Yes I welcome dessert!
JO Text: Nevermind. NO Dessert

Jared works at this restaurant here and occasionally brings home a dessert. Last night was supposedly one of those nights, but there were no leftovers. Sad.
Luckily we had some of this in the fridge:

Thanks Betty, your frosting atop a graham cracker is swell!
The Oakdens


  1. I EAT RAINBOW CHIP ICING ON GRAHAM CRACKERS ALL THE TIME!!!!! I thought I was the only one so I thought I would shout with excitement.

  2. Ooooooo.... I do the same thing! YUM!

  3. I thought he was a valet at a hotel? What does he do at the restaurant?

  4. That new pic with you and the ice cream on the banner is FANTAB. Annnnd I just bought this frosting for that SOLE purpose the other day. One day I'll treat myself to a little snack of it. It just looked so good in the store I couldn't pass it up. My FAVORITE flavor. :)