Series #1 of "Great Finds.."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mr and I have decided that we are going to create a series of blogs about "Great Finds." I think everyone enjoys those every once and a while and we decided "What's better than sharing this greatness we discover?" This first "Great Find".... NO PUDGE.

If there is one thing that I love more than JO it is dessert. As previously mentioned, Mr Oakden has limited me on my sugar intake to twice a week. Awesome. I've been coping but I don't think anyone but my family could ever understand the deprivation I am under. I grew up in a family where we had dessert every night. And I'm not talking about dessert as in a twinkie or a big cookie -those were just after-school snacks. Dessert in my family looked something like this....

Every night...

So when I was put on restrictions by my dear husband I felt a little something like this:

"Can I have your number?
Can I have it?"

But all of that longing has been cured people! A brilliant woman, Lindsay Frucci, has mastered a recipe for chocolate brownies that are NON-FAT. For real. The name - NO PUDGE BROWNIES. I can not claim this find for myself but attribute all glory to JO's brother's roommate who introduced this delightful treat ot our tummies. No Pudge has been purchased by the elated Oakden Family and now enjoys its short lifespan in our pantry. Besides that fact that it's fat free, No Pudge also has the capability of being prepared in 1 minute. If you just want a little taste of brownie and don't want to bake a whole pan, you just take 2 tbsp of brownie mix + 1 tbsp non-fat vanilla yogurt, mix together and microwave for a minute and huzzah - you have a warm, gooey brownie. No Pudge is featured in our banner pic - yep that's what we're holding - no pudge in small crouets. Where to retrieve this find? None other than Trader Joe's. However, if you live in Utah or some other non-organic non-go-green-fanatical state then you will have to order on-line at

In going along with the theme of great finds, we would like to share with you our second discovery - We would like to introduced everyone to the 99cent store. I've always had this desire to be the ultimate wife-mother-cook-decorator-baker all-in-one. Since I have been married I have found myself consumed in hours of collecting healthy recipes (I know, that seems contradictory to my passion for dessert but I like my meals to be healthy) to bring the taste of satisfaction to JO's palate. But there's a downfall to this "be an awesome wife and cook ridiculously amazing meals that should be in Southern Living" kick. It sucks up a ton of mula. Organic food is not cheap and so many recipes call for an array of ingredients. But no fear - the 99 cent store is near! We shop there. And love it. Judging from the outside appearance you would believe it to be grimy and meager in quality. Nothing could be more untrue. They carry namebrand products like Philadelphia reduced fat cream cheese, kraft fat-free dressing, eggs, soymilk - all can be found for a dollar. Their selection of produce is unreal. Great find # 2 on the Oakden list goes to 99 cent.


  1. Hey Kendra! How are you? Where are you guys living? Add us to your blog and I will do the same! Hope everything is well.

  2. Kenny, your blog brought me joy while I'm in the midst of studying for a dreadful exam :) The picture of the little boy is so cute! I love you and miss you...truly I will call you and we can chat sometime...sounds like you are loving being married!

  3. I just started to hate utah just a tad bit more.. but its cool we will soon be down the road to californai or somewhere.. GREEN!! no pudge sounds LEGIT. cant wait to try it.. when i go home sometime i will buy a whole entire case.. tylers fmaily grew up like your family did.. as for me.. well i guess my bros did as well but not me and my mom.. haha lame i know but anyway no pudge thanks for the crazy find i love your blog its fun to hear baout new finds..